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The Creative Factor

Contemporary design pipelines. From analog, to digital, and back again.

When :Wednesday March 27, 2024
Where : Industry City     51 35th St    Building 5, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Join us for an discussion with creative professionals in the fields of Art, Medicine, and transportation design as we talk about their journeys in their field from the analog world, into the digital pipeline and how they bring that back into an analog form that can be interacted with in the human experience.

There will be a display of designers and artists work in our lobby before and after the talk that illustrates how other creatives are taking using a combination of analog and digital pipeline to create art and design works.




Taras Kravtchouk

Taras journey started in Graphic design in his native Sweden. In his off hours he

would get away from his computer to work on restoring internal combustion

engine motorcycles.

  Fast forward a decade and Taras has launched Taraform. A sustainable Electric Vehicle startup that has its foundation in Analog transportation construction but now uses a digital pipeline to design and create a new motorcycle that is not only electric powered instead of fossil fuels but the components are partially compostable.


Doctor Joseph Borrello

 Dr. Joseph Borello is an Instructor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Mount Sinai and Head of Engineering for Mount Sinai BioDesign, a medical device incubator and prototyping center housed within the Mount Sinai Health System.

Dr Borellos research entails using digital imagery to create virtual and physical 3D models of the patients so

the team can prepare better for complex surgeries. Virtual simulations and physical 3 dimensional simulations are al part of the tools that the team use to push the envelop of what is used for today's most complicated surgeries.

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